Mark McLeay

Managing Director


From the beginning, I had a vision to start up and be part of a reputable award-winning architectural practice that would be recognised by its clients and our peers for providing high quality design and documentation, from residential to commercial projects, whilst offering great customer service.

Creative Arch is that Practice, and we have since grown into the Arch Group, which encompasses three sister companies: Creative Arch, Resolution Architecture, and Infusion Arch

Bo Wang

Infusion Arch Director


Born and raised in China, I moved to New Zealand in 2001. I completed my Architectural Diploma in NDAT and then a Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Unitec in Auckland. This has provided a solid foundation for my personal and professional development with architecture.

Understanding both eastern and western cultures bring me broader insights and experience with clients.


Mark Callander

Partner / Senior Architectural Designer


Hi, I'm a Westie, and I spent most of my childhood in Oratia, close to stunning West Coast beaches - you can't beat them.
I joined Creative Arch in 2004, creating many new opportunities and challenges. Creative Arch has a great relaxed atmosphere and has significantly expanded my knowledge of technical and design aspects of architecture.

Sam McCabe

Partner / Senior Architectural Designer


Architecture has always been my passion. I love helping clients achieve their dream home, and believe that design can have a positive influence for clients, the environment, and society. I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects, and offer a broad range of experience and knowledge

Amber Cameron

Registered Architect


As an architect, I am passionate about creating good architecture. I believe in designing spaces that enhance people’s lives and the natural environment they inhabit.I’ve been fortunate to have a number of years working on exciting and innovative projects in both London and Sydney. New Zealand is home and I am loving the amazing opportunities Creative Arch has to offer.

Rigo González



Born and raised in Mexico, this is where I completed my architectural studies. I have collaborated with various architectural firms since my third year of university. This has led to my involvement in a wide range of projects including residential, commercial and urban design.

Mark Boyack

Senior Architectural Technician


My desire is to help ensure that we can deliver good design, and I enjoy knowing that clients have gotten something better than they hoped for at the outset. Many years of experience on complex commercial projects have given me an appreciation of attention to detail.

David Morris

Graduate Architectural Designer


I started off studying fine art. Over the years, working in design and print, my interests became more focused on the technical until I decided to take the plunge into architecture. After getting my NDAT at Unitec I have ‘learnt the ropes’ in small architectural practices and I am now looking forward to learning from, and contributing to the great team at Creative Arch.

Anshu Sen

Financial Manager


I have worked in different industries over the years and it is always fascinating to learn something new. I have been with Creative Arch for 1 year now and loved every moment of it. Working here had given me the opportunity to learn about the architectural industry.

Sandy McCluskey

Receptionist / Administrator


Moved to New Zealand from the UK in April 2016, my role is a responsibility that I am very passionate about. I have a varied administrative portfolio of skills and experience and my interpersonal skills enable me to provide both a professional and personal welcome to all those who visit our busy office on a daily basis.