We place “Excellence in Design” as one of the most important components of building a home. Even more important is producing a great design within budget. It is all too common to hear that a great design never made it past the drawing board due to costs not being considered carefully throughout the design stage.

Finding the right architect is paramount to our business, we need designers that have the skill & flair and understand the importance of maximizing our customers varying needs. Our projects can range from a first home with a modest budget to some large complex homes on very demanding building sites. Each project deserves the very best we can obtain for our customer’s dollars.

Creative Arch & David Reid has built a working relationship over the last few years that work well for all. We have jointly developed a design service for our clients that exceeds any other we have seen in the marketplace. It offers design with an “Architects” level of skills at extremely reasonable capped fees with checks at every stage of the design process to ensure there are no budget blow outs.

Our customers come from different parts of the world, have varying lifestyles, they are looking for a home to reflect their personalities, not a repetitive production line model. Many designers / architects homes are immediately recognizable by the design style. Not so with a David Reid Home, it is our customer’s home, not ours, not our designers. Creative Arch have a team that produces the style that our customers want, not a monument to their business.