Westgate Development

Westgate Development
  • Location: Westgate, Auckland
  • Units: 35
  • Status: Completed 2023

35 new homes form this new development in the fast-developing suburb of Westgate.

Arranged in four rows around a central, communal courtyard, each has been designed to maximise solar gain and create private outdoor spaces.

The roof forms and façade colours differ slightly from unit to unit, adding texture, interest and creating individual identities. Inside, open plan living creates spaces filled with natural light and ventilation.

The goal of this project was to balance public and private space, and to create a sense of community while maintaining individuality.

The design maximises the number of homes on the site, but ensures each has its own private outdoor space. Bringing roof sheeting down the wing walls that shape outdoor living spaces creates privacy and shading, utilising a sleek architectural detail that reduces water ingress. Additional battening creates privacy screens and adds an interesting detail. Across the development, low maintenance yet striking materials create long-lasting, interesting façades.

Landscaping has been planted around the homes, surrounding them native vegetation that will grow as the community does.