Day Residence

Day Residence
  • Location: Mairangi Bay, Auckland
  • Floor Area: 336
  • Status: Completed 2015

Project supplied by our Arch Group sister company - Creative Arch Ltd.

Located on a steep coastal piece of land in Murrays Bay, this new dwelling was developed specifically for clients who were approaching retirement. It was imperative that the residence incorporated principles of universal design and future-proofing.

This involved low maintenance cladding materials and multiple entertaining spaces on the upper and ground floor, enabling the flexibility of dual inhabitation of upper and lower floors. Access to the upper floor includes a lift incorporated into the central light well with timber stairs wrapping around. The upper floor includes an accessible plunge pool alongside a large deck entertaining space. With separate access, the upper floor remains secure and private while the owners are away, allowing extended family to continue residing on the lower floors.

"The building navigates the slope of the site through a series of steps that enable views of Rangitoto to the majority of the spaces within." -New Zealand Herald

This project maximises clifftop views at each cascading level. The building remains secluded from the bay on the sea-facing, rear edge of the property as it rises above the dense native flora flanking a public walkway from Murrays Bay.

Tight planning constraints and an inflexible neighbour on the north-east side lent extra challenge to the brief. Living spaces originally proposed on the mid-level with an extensive deck had to be reconfigured based upon building coverage infringements. The resulting redesign relocated living spaces to the upper floor with deck and pool being built over the mid-level for compliance. The restrictions ultimately led to an iterative design process and a well-considered design that thoroughly satisfies the clients’ needs.

With masonry block walls and concrete mid-floors built on stepped concrete platforms, the building feels sound and substantial.