Castor Bay Residence

Castor Bay Residence
  • Location: Castor Bay, Auckland
  • Status: Completed 2023

Project supplied by our Arch Group sister company - Creative Arch.

This new home in Castor Bay steps gently down its site, drawing the outside world in. In each of the bright, warm spaces, views are framed of the lush native bush beyond, and shadows cast slow moving patterns.

Natural light is drawn in at every opportunity with large joinery, and the double height entryway acts as a heat sink, a central column of warmth and sunlight. The vibrant greens of the kiwi bush provide privacy and views to the outdoor spaces, creating cozy, striking places to relax or entertain.

From the outside, it’s a home that looks completely at ease on the site. Its vertical timber cladding mirrors the tree trunks and large joinery reflects patterns of ferns and ponga. It’s architecture that responds to its site, honouring and embracing its surroundings.