• Location: Manukau City
  • Floor Area: 1229m2
  • Status: Completed 2014

Project supplied by our Arch Group sister company - Creative Arch Ltd.

The owners of an existing Pacifica education facility required the adjoining empty warehouse space to be transformed into additional classrooms over two levels for it's growing student role, and also a break out space that had the ability to be used for student functions and performances.

The classrooms and staff spaces were to be transparent zones with visibility from corridors and public areas with a sense of connection.

The existing facility and warehouse area is divided by a masonry party wall. This was to remain in place for fire and structural purposes, but for the performance and success of the school, the two areas had to have a sense of connection.

The head height within the warehouse allowed for two floors of classrooms, bathrooms and teacher aid facilities. A second entrance was created with a combined atrium/break out space. A translucent coloured bridge cuts through the space providing access to classrooms as well as becoming a feature to the atrium space. Natural light floods the area, lighting up the translucent coloured panels with its overlapping and simple colour pallet adding interest to the interior of the building.

Cantilevered Laminated Douglas Fir posts provide structural support for the panels along the bridge, while providing warmth to the interiors and a connection to the cedar patterns identifying the entrances into the building. This has been linked through to the existing space with the same materials, colours and patterns being recycled into the existing breakout spaces, providing one cohesive environment.